Maas Nursery: “If you can’t find it here, it probably doesn’t exist!”

Why would we list a nursery as an attraction? Am I scraping bottom, or is this place worthwhile? No, I believe Maas most definitely stands on its own as an area attraction, and it’s right down the road from El Jardin Beach. In addition to exotic plants and trees and water gardens with brilliant goldfish, this place has unusual oddities, curiosities, ornaments, statuary, sculptures, giant geodes, rock carvings, ruins, ornamental gates and plants from around the world, romantically displayed (sometimes with glorious opera music playing) as part of various garden arrangements. My photos don’t do it justice.

When you walk around the grounds, it is fulminating with life; plants just seem to have taken root by accident, falling on fertile soil. You’re sometimes not sure what is for sale and what lives there. You see things at Maas you don’t see anywhere else. . . looking for the jawbone of an ass? It’s here. Giant birds of paradise to exotic bamboos to one of a kind birdhouses, African masks and drums, they specialize in the unusual and picturesque; some of their sculptures are dark, like gargoyles. Their selection of pottery is terrific. You never know what you are going to find here.

Don’t tell Mr. Maas, but we come here just to take photos, their landscaping creates such a beautiful backdrop. And you may actually see more butterflies here than at the rain forest at Moody Gardens.

My son with autism enjoys putting his hands into in the various water features and fountains, and also taking pictures of plants, fish, butterflies and sculpture with his camera. Both like swinging from the thick grapevines, chiming the giant wind chime, or walking cross the large fallen tree. If you are in the area, it is worth stopping in for a walk through the gardens.

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Maas Nursery may be entertaining for kids with autism because of its abundant water features, jungle setting and butterflies, but it is also offers plenty of opportunities for picture-taking.
















Maas Nursery is at 5511 Toddville Rd, Seabrook.

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