Dewberry Farm, Brookshire

It doesn’t get much better than this for wholesome family entertainment. Dewberry Farm has to be the best kept secret around the greater Houston area. They don’t do any marketing or advertising, but they draw in big crowds through word of mouth. It’s so good, my pictures don’t do it justice. The simplicity of the rides makes it especially good for little ones or kids with special needs.

Dewberry Farm is an old fashioned, family-oriented country-themed amusement park with big slides, pony rides, trampolines, rope swings, hay stacks, corn on the cob, turkey legs, peddle carts, zip lines, wooden fort, turnstile swings, tractor pulls, pig races, corn canon, corn maze, corncob slide, old time merry go round, incredible carved pumpkins (jack-o-lantern trail at Halloween, called Pumpkin Haller), goat bridge (you send food up to the goat via hand-cranked conveyor belt), and on and on. See their website. At Christmastime you can buy a Christmas tree from here. Every time we’ve been here we have enjoyed ourselves and been blessed with nice weather and atmospheric sky. They could market themselves better, but for my sake I’m glad I’m glad they don’t. The park is ideal for your little ones up to about 12, their parents and grandparents.




Where can you find Mount Rushmore and Elvis carved into the side of a pumpkin? Halloween Hall at Dewberry Farms.

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