Artists with autism, or ARTism, is a relatively new movement. There are now many books and websites devoted to the Artism movement. Some time ago, I contacted the Director of the Art program at UHCL and asked if he had ever thought of offering art classes for autistic kids. Boom, here is it, now in its third year:



And this one:

Art provides a way for people who are nonverbal or minimally verbal to express themselves, and in some cases create a modest income. It allows people living in sheltered environments to be creative and have meaningful and enjoyable work. Most importantly, people with autism are often good artists precisely because they see things from their own unique perspective.

There are autistic savants who paint featured on YouTube videos. Some can draw from memory, with incredible accuracy, the details on buildings and even entire city-scapes. Others paint impressionist landscapes or make beautiful collages out of discarded paper.

Sometimes autistic kids are drawn to drawing and painting from a young age. Many times, however, an art class or art lessons is needed to get autistic kids and adults going down that path.

There is already a lot of information on this subject on the Internet, and you may also check out some of the links on this site under the Artism drop down.