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Brookwood is Christian residential facility for adults with disabilities. They appear to have a pretty nice art gallery, greenhouses and cafe where the residents may work or generate an income. I have not toured Brookwood yet, but it is beyond our family’s means. . . don’t see how with all the “estate planning in the world” we can possibly provide that kind of income for him to be a Brookwoodian.

I’d like to hear what others have to say about Brookwood . . . to me, their marketing seems more God-centered than client-centered, which makes me nervous (especially the empty God/Windsor chair placed throughout the community, to remind people of God’s presence. Yikes, what happens if someone sits in it?).

Here’s the info from their website:

Located in Brookshire, Texas, 40 miles west of downtown Houston, The Brookwood Community is a non-profit (501(c)3) residential facility and vocational program for adults with disabilities.

We see every individual as a unique creation of a wise and loving God, deserving not only of our abiding patience and respect, but of boundless awe. We cherish diversity in all forms and eschew narrow-minded notions of normalcy.

A God-centered educational, residential, and entrepreneurial community for adults with disabilities

Through the Grace of God, The Brookwood Community provides an educational environment that creates meaningful jobs, builds a sense of belonging, and demands dignity and respect for adults with disabilities.

Our campus consists of: Eight group homes, two single-family staff homes, a residential Inn, health and dental clinic, Worship Center, enterprise building, activities and administration building, 47 greenhouses, Gift and Garden Center and the Café at Brookwood, and several other support buildings.

Our programs serve: 110 resident adults (known as Brookwood “citizens”) who are functionally disabled and live at Brookwood 24/7.  Another 80 plus adults participate in our day program. The range of diverse needs we help include people with autism spectrum disorders; intellectual disabilities; developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury; dual diagnosis; and/or aging care needs.

Resident & Work Program Tuition

Listed below are the fees associated with Residential and Day Program Citizens. Brookwood strives to provide financial assistance to those in need and to those who qualify.

Adult Work Program

$500 Registration (One time fee)
$1,000 Evaluation and Intake (One time fee)
$1,010 Monthly Tuition*
$85 Monthly Bus Fee (not available in Georgetown)

Full Residential Program

$1,000 Registration (One time fee)
$2,000 Evaluation and Intake (One time fee)
$4,400 Monthly Tuition*

*Extra care fees may apply – this will be determined at the intake meeting. Tuition assistance may be available. A financial adviser will perform an analysis based upon complete disclosure of your financial situation and form a recommendation per our Scholarship Committee.

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1752 FM 1489, Brookshire TX 77423
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Residential care that gives teens with autism the skills to thrive.
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Camp Worth is a residential program for adolescent boys and girls, ages 11-17, who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). We provide a safe, supportive environment for young people who need help with emotional regulation, functional communication and social skills, and impulse control so they can succeed at school and at home. This nurturing environment not only helps teens with ASD but educates parents and other family members as well. Our ASD treatment center works with every part of a child’s life so they can start living their best lives.
Camp Worth is a full-service program with access to board-certified behavior technicians and behavioral therapists. The ability to narrow down diagnoses in a high-level care program makes a positive impact on our children.
A combination of treatment programs teaches our loved ones different ways to communicate, life skills to function independently, and ways to process emotions. The skills learned during the following programs prepare a higher level of independence when returning home:
– Applied behavior analysis program
– Education program
– Autism parent support program
– Food and nutrition program
Individualized treatment plans may also include:
– Daily physical exercise and activity
– Functional communication training
– Recreational therapy
– Medication management
– Individual therapy
– Family counseling
– Social skills groups
– Functional skills training

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Mimi White
5833 Oakbend Trail, Fort Worth TX 76132
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Hope Village is a closed residential community in Friendswood consisting of several homes located on 18 acres across from a golf course. Full-time residential services are available to all individuals whose primary diagnosis is mental retardation and who meet the admission criteria for ages six years through adulthood. Semi-private and private rooms are available and include assistance with the activities of daily living, medication administration, nutritious meals and 24-hour per day supervision and care in one of five homes on the Hope Village campus.

Residents have the opportunity to attend church and Sunday School, bowling, dances,  movies, the circus, BBQs at the beach, Astro’s baseball games and various events including the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Residents may also enjoy our on-campus outdoor pool during summer months and our recreation center year-round. They have an excellent resale shop and cafe. Villagers sell soap and ceramics made in their workshops.

The Hope Village Developmental Center  includes a large work training area, fully equipped kitchen,ceramics manufacturing area, computer lab,gift shop and the Village Cafe. This 14,000 square foot building is home to our Day Program which operates Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 4:00.

Day Program

In addition to residential services, Hope Village offers respite care and day care. The day program is an integral part of the Hope Village Developmental Center and is a work program licensed by the U.S. Department of Labor. It is designed to develop self-confidence, healthy work ethics and provide a sense of accomplishment. Villagers receive payment on a piece rate scale for each item they complete and each Villager participating in this program is periodically assessed for skill development and mastery. Contracts for services and work to be performed by the Villagers such as packaging, collating, envelope stuffing, sorting and similar work come from businesses in the surrounding communities. We are always looking for more contracts, so if you have a project that you think we could help with, please call  281.482.1663.

Although a foundation for Hope Village is a nonprofit, Hope Village itself is private pay, about $4,000 / month, and as I recall you cannot place a family member there if there is no one who can evacuate him in event of hurricane, or provide for his basic necessities. In other words, this is not the kind of home you can hope to place your adult child into if there is no one to look after him or drop in from time to time.

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15403 Hope Village Road, Friendswood, Texas 77546
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I wanted to say that I visited Marbridge yesterday (1/23/2017) and spoke with Barbara Bush–easy name for Texans to remember. I didn’t take a full tour, just inquired about financing for someone to live at Marbridge. It now comes to about $3650 month and HCS doesn’t pay for it. Marbridge is a cheaper option than Brookwood, which is $5,000 month.

The reality is that private facilities (congregate homes) are beyond the means of most families. While I did not take a tour, I drove around. The campus was nice and well-maintained. (I also had the opportunity to eavesdrop on a staff meeting.) My impression is that this is a good place. Employment opportunities, classes, excursions and activities keep life structured and everyone busy. 

Marbridge is a private residential facility for adults, ages 18 and older with cognitive disabilities. We have residents from all over the United States. Our campus is 170 acres comprising of three interlocked communities.

The lowest level of independence is the skilled nursing level, the Villa. This is 24-hr a day nursing care. The Villa accepts major insurances, Medicare, and Medicaid as payment.  Residents at the Villa need high levels of assistance in their daily living activities, (showering, dressing, toileting, feeding, etc.).

The next level of independence is our assisted living community, the Ranch. Residents at the Ranch require 24 hour supervision, but are independent in most daily activities; can toilet, shower, and dress themselves, but may not be able to do laundry or cook. Residents in this campus have a daily schedule that centers around a training and education program customized to their abilities and goals.  Their living arrangements are configured in a dormitory-style setting in which two residents share a room and a bathroom. There is a common rec room and a common eating area.

The highest level of independent living is that experienced by the residents of the Village. The Village consists of 15 cottages. Each cottage contains 3, two-bedroom suites. Six residents reside in each cottage. The residents here have a schedule as well, but their schedules revolve around their employment schedules with training classes scattered in.

Both the assisted living level and the independent living levels are private pay. If a resident receives a monthly benefit income from social security, disability or veteran benefits, those funds may be applied directly to the monthly tuition, and the family will be responsible for the remaining balance.

The monthly tuition for the Ranch is $3040/month, and the tuition for the Village is $3,095/month. Tuition covers room and board, all training and education classes, an individual program plan, 24-hour supervision, and basic nursing care.

We have two full-time employment coordinators on staff here that assist the residents in finding appropriate job opportunities, and making sure that they get job skills training. Our training and education program runs three semesters a year, with two to three week breaks in between for home visits or travel. The minimum stay for a Marbridge resident is four years, which is usually a good time frame in which to see achievement of goals.

Many families utilize Marbridge as a four year college like experience for their loved one.  Nobody on the Marbridge campus drives, although several residents have licenses. We provide transportation to the resident’s work, town trips, special activities, and medical appointments.
Marbridge also offers a Summer camp. Summer camp is a great way for potential residents to get a taste of Marbridge life.

We offered eight, one-week camp sessions this summer (2014) to choose from.   I hope this was helpful, please feel free to contact me with any other questions you might have. We can provide you with a campus tour Monday through Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM.

Best Regards,


512-282-1144 X1200

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2310 Bliss Spillar Rd., Manchaca, Texas 78652
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The Sean Ashley House, located in Houston, is a Texas not-for-profit (501c3) organization designed to provide “model” homes for individuals with autism, blindness, mental retardation, and/or multiple disabilities.

The Sean Ashley House accepts individuals of any age who meet the criteria of the HCS program guidelines. Funding may also be made privately or through a variety of other agencies.

The Sean Ashley House Group Homes are all located in the southwest part of Houston, primarily in the Westbury Subdivision.  Our homes are typical homes in the community.  Our homes have three to four people living in each home and are staffed 24 hours day.

Go to their website to learn more. Residents live in typical neighborhood houses like the kind we grew up in, in a neighborhood setting.

This is all that they say they do:

Case Management
Residential Support Services
Supervised Living
Supported  Home Living
HCS Foster Care
Day Habilitation
Respite (Hourly)
Respite (Daily)
Psychological Services
Nursing  Services
Dietary  Services
Speech Language Pathology
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy
Audiology Services
Supported Employment
Dental Services
Social Work
Adaptive Aids
Minor  Home  Modifications


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5606 Parkersburg Drive, Houston TX 77036
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The Center’s Residential Services offer a caring environment for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to call home. Each is designed to support an individual’s personal goals and choices. Our programs promote autonomy and independence while providing the personalized support our clients need to thrive.


The Center’s Supported Independent Living Program offers adults with I/DD the opportunity to live in their own community-based apartment. An on-site residential administrator is available to help with daily living tasks, meals, and emergencies. This program currently offers units at the Stella at the Medical Center apartment complex with other city-wide options planned for the future.


The Center’s Independent Living Program offers individuals the opportunity to live independently in their own efficiency-style apartment while still benefiting from the resources and services The Center has to offer. For some, it is one step towards a goal of independent living in the larger community and for others, they have already met their personal goal. Participants in our Independent Living Program live in Cullen Residence Hall.


The Center’s Assisted Living Program exemplifies our vision for all adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to receive the resources necessary to realize their personal potential. Clients in our Assisted Living Program demonstrate every day all that is possible when the right support is available. Participants in our Assisted Living Program live at Willow River Farms, with some additional availability at Cullen Residence Hall.


HCS is a residential program designed for people who desire to live in full community integration. The service planning team ensures that each person receives the support needed to successfully manage day-to-day living. HCS is a program of choice. Individuals may choose among Supervised Living, Residential Support Services, Community First Choice, and Host Home Companion Care. The Center has a full complement of staff to provide our clients services in management, program coordination, social work, nursing, and residential administration.

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The Village is a residential community in Northeast, rather than Southeast (Clear Lake) Houston.I haven’t been there yet, but I plan to visit soon. It appears from their website that there are several “Villages” now, not just the one at Stoney Glen.
The founders are Kimberly Brusatori and Linda Schuiten, mothers of children with disabilities, who were motivated to create “The Villages” because both of their children would soon be graduating from high school and leaving the programs that school offers.

In September 2000, Kimberly and Linda, as well as several other parents of children with disabilities, founded The Village Learning Center, Inc (dba Village Learning & Achievement Center) as a 501(c) 3 non-profit corporation.  A monetary commitment was made by both Kimberly and Linda, the organization was created, and the passion to provide quality programs and services to individuals with disabilities was born.  The word “village” was chosen because they realized that the organization’s success depended upon the support of their community.  They knew that it would take a village to make their vision a reality.

The Village at Stoney Glen provides independent living opportunities in a beautiful residential setting for adults with disabilities. It is designed for individuals who are taking a major step on the road to independence, moving out of their family home for the first time. The staff offers support and training in a home-like setting to individuals who have basic self-care skills. Family interaction and participation are welcomed as our residents transition from the family home to greater independence while continuing to live, work, and worship in their own community.

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281 358 6172
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Sandy Parks
2225 Stoney Glen, Kingwood 77339