Our School Districts

The primary school district associated with Clear Lake, and the largest in the area, is Clear Creek Independent School District, or CCISD. It is surrounded by LaPorte, Deer Park, Pasadena, Friendswood, Dickinson & Alvin ISDs:

districtboundarymapCCISD, the purple area, is bifurcated by Harris and Galveston Counties. However, services through nonprofits like the Arc, and your county mental health agency (“local authority”) will differ depending on your zip code. Some think there are better services if one is in Harris County, others think Galveston County–not sure how to compare the two at this point. Galveston County has a better website and they offer adults with IDDs transportation, but I’m sure Harris County has its advantages. Here are links to Special Education Departments at these schools:

My own experience is with CCISD, which is geographically the largest district (Pasadena has more schools, though). I have had no problems with this district, and have been fortunate that my son has had some really outstanding special ed teachers.

My only complaints have to do with lack of after school or extended year programming, and tendency to keep kids with the same teacher year after year. The teachers have been exceptional though, and my son has made a lot of progress. (Kim Rodgers, a new Transition Specialist at CCISD, has put together good programs and has facilitated resource and information sharing.)

And although some people may think that Alvin is just a hick town (sorry Alvin!), the presence of the Arc of the Gulf Coast in Alvin definitely gives it a leg up. Dickinson is also involved with the Arc. At the time of writing, Laurie Goforth, Dickinson ISD, Director of Special Programs, is on their Board. It would be nice to see representation on their board by CCISD, even though only half the district falls in their service area.

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