Houston Zoo

074When he was younger, my au son didn’t care for animals. Animals were simply of utmost indifference to him. A peacock or horse could walk right in front of him (it happened!) and he would look right through them. He would be more attracted to an orange construction cone than anything with a face. Now when we go to a zoo he stays more actively engaged on the animals especially if he has a camera or something electronic to view them through.

Thanks to the miracle of smart phones, he’s started to like zoos more and more. Houston has an OK zoo–and now I’m going to sound like a real snob: San Antonio’s is better, because it is beautifully landscaped with shady bowers and overhangs, there are fewer chain link fences between you and the animals, less long expanses between attractions, and most exhibits can be viewed from stroller level–which was at one time very important to me.

Something fun at the Houston zoo is this tunnel that kids crawl through to be face to face with man-eating piranhas:


For a 2/2 family, the Houston zoo is approximately $52 for admission, which I think kinda high– but I remember when the zoo was free. Parking, if you can find it, is free. Bank of America card holders can go for free on the first Saturday of the month.




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