Samurai Steak & Sushi, Webster

This is actually one of several Japanese hibachi-style (Benihana-style) restaurants that have opened in the Clear Lake area, but we eat Japanese food so infrequently ($$$) that I really can’t compare the food with its main area rival, Ichebon. People often love one or the other. Japanese food is “OK,” meh, but what I really like about this place is the show–it’s a great show–juggling spatulas and rice bowls, spinning/tossing eggs, dramatic fire flare-up, onion volcansamurai 022o, tossing an egg in the air and splitting it perfectly in half with the spatula, and lots of fun with the crowd around the table while the food is being cooked.

Here, my au son, who normally eats only cheeseburgers, is willing to eat just about anything the chef puts in front of him, including mushrooms and squash–even the salad; while my nt son likes showing off his skills with chopsticks and eating sushi. Finally, something both kids can enjoy, together!

The show begins with a loud clanging of spatulas to get everyone’s attention, and then a big fire flame-up, so prepare your au child accordingly.

Also, if your child  might need it, you should bring a spoon (for eating rice) from home, as many Japanese restaurants don’t have them, except for over-sized soup spoons. Mine doesn’t have the coordination to eat rice comfortably with a fork, definitely chopsticks are out, and I imagine many Americans and children naturally gravitate to a spoon when it comes to rice.

Anyway, despite buyer’s remorse when the check came, my kids absolutely love this place–my au son made a movie of the show on his DS, which he watched over and over, laughing out loud at the point where the chef tosses pieces of scrambled egg at my open mouth but it hits me right in the face.

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