Verbal Behavior Clinic

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Verbal Behavior Clinic
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We work with children ages 2yr – 10yr who are on the autism spectrum of disorders, PDD, AD/HD, appositionally defiant disorder, and typically-developing children with language, social skill deficit, and reading difficulties. Offering individual 1:1 discrete trial training, Verbal Behavior Training, Natural Environment Training, and Social Skills Play Groups.
We bring your child together with typically-developing peers as role models of use of language and play skills; verbal behavior training  teaches key pivotal response of “self-regulation” resulting in diminished aggression/tantrums, stimming, repetitive behaviors that impede acceptance/mainstreaming in  the schools.
We train Parents and Teachers in the application of behavioral principles. Now offering language to literacy program: SciLearn’s Fast ForWord instruction.  We utilize the VB-MAPP Protocol for assessments. Workshops on behavior management are available on request.   Art Therapy and Animal-assisted Therapy are provided.
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Mary McClure
106 Pecan Drive, Friendswood TX 77546

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