RIDES Program (Harris County only)

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According to their website, “The RIDES program through Harris County is a great option for people for whom public transportation is either unavailable or inaccessible — helping eligible residents make doctor’s appointments, do grocery shopping, or otherwise just get around and remain independent.”

When I called and asked if they provided service to the Clear Lake area, they initially told me no, but then said “yes.” If they turn you down, ask to speak to someone else. They serve the part of Clear Lake that is in Houston/ Harris County.

I am wondering if they would be willing to cross county lines to take someone on the Houston/Harris County side to the Galveston side of Clear Lake? Like to Baybrook Mall? If anyone knows, please post a comment or review.


Business Phone Number
713-368-RIDE (7433)
Business Contact
Vernon Chambers
9418 Jensen Houston, Texas 77093

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