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For kids used to swimming in swimming pools, river swimming is something of a novelty.

A warning about the safety of swimming in the Guadalupe late in summer: where some spring-fed Texas rivers stay cool and flowing all year round–like the Frio–the slow moving Guadalupe isn’t one of these. In the heat of late summer when the water levels fall and temperatures rise, bacteria and ecoli counts can climb to dangerous levels unsafe for swimming.

However, we were reassured that the water at this place and at every swimming hole along the upper Guadalupe River is sampled and tested weekly by the buy finasteride france to ensure it is safe for recreational swimming. My husband and I spent summers swimming in water like this in central Texas, so we’re sort of used to it–people used to swimming only in pools might be a bit freaked out at first getting into water where they can’t see the bottom (just looks black or green or a shade in between) or where your toes squish down into a seemingly endless silt floor. I’ll admit I felt comfortable only when other moms with kids showed up. We didn’t stay long, and it created a good memory for the kids.

From Kerrville, it is easy to move on to Concan, Bandera or Medina (about 10 miles). In Medina we discovered pick-ur-own apple orchards, Kinky Friedman, a cute donkey and a longhorn.

IMG_2725IMG_2715 IMG_2722


Is this big guy standing inside or outside the fence? Who wants to get out of the car to check?




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