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Noise-reducing “isolation” headphones

Carnivals, rodeos, roller rinks, bowling alleys, fireworks, go karts, circuses, motor boats, anywhere people applaud or sing, movie theaters, live music, bouncy houses, child care centers, birthday parties and restaurants can be miserably loud and upsetting for autistic children. But there is a solution which will set you and your child free.

While our child has gotten much better with regard to sound and only rarely resorts to ear covering now, we still bring sound-blocking headphones with us to large events or if we go some place new. A pair of noise reducing headphones, the kind worn by drummers, have provided our child with comfort, confidence and freedom–and why put them through it when a simple solution exists?

These can be purchased at Guitar Center or online, and they come in kid’s sizes. Soundblocking headphones are the best purchase we ever made for our au son enjoy family outings and activities!

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