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My husband and nt son went horseback-riding, and later my au son got to get up an a horse with the help of the ranch hand, who had a gentle and well trained horse.

At night, the cowhands made a bonfire (we made s’mores), played guitar for us, demonstrated roping techniques and took us on a hayride with a powerful flashlight to see deer staring back at us.

Aside from the smaller rodeos that can be found in the area, there is a big Cowboy Capital Rodeo Association where can i buy finasteride from(voted the nation’s best small town rodeo) and fair on or around Memorial day weekend. This is one outstanding rodeo and they have frozen margaritas!


A real good rodeo in Bandera which both children were able to enjoy thanks to sound-blocking headphones. Previously, my autistic child could not tolerate the PA system.


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