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6. Families need information about the number and quality of HCS and other service providers in the area BEFORE their child’s name comes up on county interest lists. 

Many parents with a child on the spectrum are placed in a peculiar dilemma. From the time their child is diagnosed, they are told they need to start planning for his future because you won’t be around forever and the child will need a lifetime of care. You put your child’s name on the various  “interest lists” (waiting lists) for Medicaid-based services, which in Texas are at least 11 years long, and continuously worry about some error or accidental deletion or letter being lost in the mail which will result in removal from the list (You know, the one that asks if you are still interested in remaining on the list, and if there is no response your child’s name will be removed).

When you start wondering “Where might my child live after I’m gone? Are there good homes in the area? Do I need to move to another state to secure a good future for my child?” you are told by the county and other agencies, “It is too early to plan for the future. We don’t even know what the funding will be when your child’s name comes up on the list. We don’t know who the providers will be, because they come and go.” Are providers coming and going because the State pays so little that they move on to something more lucrative? Are expensive private for profit providers the only option?

Parents need information long in advance so they can better plan their child’s future and make good decisions selecting providers whom they can trust with the present and future care of their adult children. We must begin with a thorough understanding of what services and resources are available in our communities now:

Families need information about residential homes in their communities so they can better plan for their child’s future. EA will try to provide information far in advance so parents will have an idea of what services to expect and where their child might live as an adult.

Because Everyone Needs to Feel Special:


The population of the Clear Lake area is over 200,000. Current estimates of autism rates, which does not include other causes for intellectual disability is 1: 68. Therefore, it is estimated that in Clear Lake alone there are at least 2,900 adults with autism. This number increases dramatically when taking into account other forms of intellectual disability.

Many of these adults are in group home settings and have outlived their parents or caring family members. While Medicaid pays for room and board, they may have no supplemental income source.

The initial impulse behind Everything Autism was to use the web to create a virtual giving tree for people in group homes. I imagined a Christmas tree with a ribbon garland across the top saying: “Because Everyone Needs to Feel Special.” (initially “Because Everyone with Special Needs Needs to Feel Special” but that sounded too much like an anagram.)

Everything Autism will attempt to harness social media to create ways for an anonymous donors to sponsor or purchase a gift for an adult with a developmental disability living in a licensed group home in the Bay Area.

Virtual Christmas (Giving) Tree. This will be an online application that allows approved persons with intellectual disabilities who lack financial means and family support to request items which can be fulfilled through crowd-sourcing and anonymous (or not) donation. The item can be anything from clothes to art supplies–anything that can be purchased through Amazon. The donor(s) will receive notification that the item has shipped.

giving treeA second program to help adults with autism is an arts program, which I would like to establish in the next few years.

ARTISM: Online Art Gallery. Many people with autism have unusual artistic abilities. Often these abilities can be tapped to create fantastic works of art which can be sold or reproduced as posters and cards.

Models for autistic art cooperatives exist in the UK, New York, California and Florida, to name a few; these programs are expanding (the Santa Barbara based where to buy generic finasteride forum website is one example).

Through partnership with local agencies and arts organizations, and possibly the VSA (The State Organization on Arts and Disability), Everything Autism could facilitate the creation and sale of art online by disabled artists so they can develop a modest source of income and meaningful work in the Clear Lake area.


Michael Sachs, Peaceful Path, from the Art of Autism online gallery

logosmThe brown pelican is indigenous to the Clear Lake area. Our pelican in the logo is resting next to piers which might look vaguely like an outline of the Houston skyline off in the distance.

I really like pelicans, first because they appear to be an awkward and clumsy bird on land, but in the air they surprise everyone how such a large and heavy creature can glide so effortlessly just a few feet off the ground or inches above the water. Likewise, people with autism often defy our expectations with their special gifts and creativity.

The brown pelican will spontaneously join with others to form single-file lines (sometimes straight lines, other times v shaped) to feed, each pelican in the line taking its turn diving into the water after fish with a very dramatic splash. Even in the surf, they will float in lines, bobbing in the waves single-file, then take off in a line once again. This love of structure is another reason why the pelican is a great symbol, because people with autism tend to like structure, order and geometry.

Plus, I love pelicans, which can now be seen all along Galveston Bay after coming back from near extinction. A great spot to see pelicans is at Pier 19 in Galveston.

Nikonfishing 028detailsmABOUT ME.

My name is Emily Tuck, and I am the organizer and host of Everything Autism. I am a librarian and  by day and mother of two boys, one of whom is autistic. There is never a dull moment at our house–but why would you want a dull moment?

Because EA is new, there is a lot of me and my family on this site—I had to get content from somewhere! Trust me, there is room for you and your family too! I’m sincerely hoping as Everything Autism grows, there will be more of your family and less of mine.

If you have any suggestions for the site, or would like to help me take EA to the next level–whatever that might be–please contact me at buy finasteride from india.



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