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When I first started taking my au child to jump houses, the loud noise of the air compressors bugged him. It would take him a while before he would use his hands for climbing rather than ear covering, but he came to enjoy jump houses a lot. Bouncy houses were one of the few activities I could take my autistic and nonautistic children that they would both equally enjoy. However, my NT son would only enjoy it if there were other kids his age to play with, and the whole thing got entirely too iffy.

Jump N’ Jungle is a bouncy house located in a strip shopping center containing a Goodwill, Garden Ridge Pottery, Tuesday Morning, and Burlington Coat Factory. There are also several restaurants in the parking lot, including a Hooter’s, and a pool hall. The facility and inflatables are OK, with two main rooms for keeping the big and little kids separated. The downside of this place is that there is inadequate supervision of bigger kids, who are dropped off by parents for open jump times.

The location right off the freeway and proximity to shopping encourages drop offs, but there is no staff supervision in the rooms. The last time I was at Jump N’ Jungle there were too many older, aggressive kids for my then 7 year au old son, and they were being unkind to him–pretending he was “the monster” and running away screaming. I took him into the little kid jump room where the children were more at his level, leaving my other child unsupervised in the big kid room.

Jump N’ Jungle is a good place, and the right mix of kids is all part of the experience, but I think I’d rather be at Fun Max.

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20810 Gulf Freeway, Suite J, Webster, TX 77598