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Respite Care


Hope Village is a closed residential community in Friendswood consisting of several homes located on 18 acres across from a golf course. Full-time residential services are available to all individuals whose primary diagnosis is mental retardation and who meet the admission criteria for ages six years through adulthood. Semi-private and private rooms are available and include assistance with the activities of daily living, medication administration, nutritious meals and 24-hour per day supervision and care in one of five homes on the Hope Village campus.

Residents have the opportunity to attend church and Sunday School, bowling, dances,  movies, the circus, BBQs at the beach, Astro’s baseball games and various events including the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Residents may also enjoy our on-campus outdoor pool during summer months and our recreation center year-round. They have an excellent resale shop and cafe. Villagers sell soap and ceramics made in their workshops.

The Hope Village Developmental Center  includes a large work training area, fully equipped kitchen,ceramics manufacturing area, computer lab,gift shop and the Village Cafe. This 14,000 square foot building is home to our Day Program which operates Monday-Friday from 8:30 to 4:00.

Day Program

In addition to residential services, Hope Village offers respite care and day care. The day program is an integral part of the Hope Village Developmental Center and is a work program licensed by the U.S. Department of Labor. It is designed to develop self-confidence, healthy work ethics and provide a sense of accomplishment. Villagers receive payment on a piece rate scale for each item they complete and each Villager participating in this program is periodically assessed for skill development and mastery. Contracts for services and work to be performed by the Villagers such as packaging, collating, envelope stuffing, sorting and similar work come from businesses in the surrounding communities. We are always looking for more contracts, so if you have a project that you think we could help with, please call  281.482.1663.

Although a foundation for Hope Village is a nonprofit, Hope Village itself is private pay, about $4,000 / month, and as I recall you cannot place a family member there if there is no one who can evacuate him in event of hurricane, or provide for his basic necessities. In other words, this is not the kind of home you can hope to place your adult child into if there is no one to look after him or drop in from time to time.

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15403 Hope Village Road, Friendswood, Texas 77546

The Independence Village offers room & board to adults with developmental and/physical disabilities in a comfortable, supervised, family setting. We provide a safe home with private living quarters. Balanced meals and assistance as needed with daily responsibilities. We encourage independence and promote community integration by maintaining an active presence in the area, holding fundraisers and participating in area events.

Our privately funded non-profit residence cares for approximately Twenty five residents ranging in age from  20 to 70 years. Our residents are individuals with Down Syndrome, developmental disabilities, or brain injury who need minimal assistance in their daily living. Some of our residents are employed either part-time or full-time.

Although each individual has the opportunity and is encouraged to participate in the community in many ways, the place they call “home” is their Independence Village. The Village includes large suites with living rooms, spacious closets and built in chest of drawers, bathrooms designed for the physically challenged, as well as community areas including a large den and entertainment center.  For over 20 years Independence Village staff members have provided a loving and caring home where a family atmosphere is encouraged and fostered. You are invited to visit us anytime and let us show you the comfort and hospitality at the Village. Call us to make an appointment :  (409) 935-4335.

                                           Resident Eligibility Requirement

                                         Applicants for residence at Independence Village must:

•  Be 18 years old or older

•  Have a primary diagnosis of Developmental Disability, Down Syndrome,
and/or a Physical Disability.

•  Be ambulatory (inclusive of self-mobility with adaptive equipment).

•  Be able to actively participate in a day program (work, training, volunteering, etc).

•  Be able to self-medicate with supervision.

•  Be able to communicate needs and understand instruction.

•  Be capable of accomplishing self-help tasks with minimal or no assistance.

•  Be free of disease (communicable or otherwise contagious) which could endanger other residents.

•  Be without mental health problems or any major emotional/behavior problems.


•  Spacious Residential Suites

 Well Balanced Meals and Supplemental Snacks

•  Limited Transportation

•  Twenty-four hour Staffing to assist with everyday living needs

 Activities and Entertainment

 Most of all a loving, caring family environment


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Judy Slocumb
905 Hwy 3 North, Texas City, TX. 77591
The Village is a residential community in Northeast, rather than Southeast (Clear Lake) Houston.I haven’t been there yet, but I plan to visit soon. It appears from their website that there are several “Villages” now, not just the one at Stoney Glen.
The founders are Kimberly Brusatori and Linda Schuiten, mothers of children with disabilities, who were motivated to create “The Villages” because both of their children would soon be graduating from high school and leaving the programs that school offers.
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281 358 6172
Sandy Parks
2225 Stoney Glen, Kingwood 77339
how to buy finasteride in india
buy finasteride hong kong