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Education (Higher, Vocational & Continuing Adult)


VAST Academy provides post-secondary transition programs and comprehensive support services which lead to meaningful credentials, employment and independence for differently-abled individuals. Opportunities include vocational certificates, pre-college and freshman success “bridge” courses, career readiness credentials, internships and employment assistance offered through an inclusive, relevant and affordable avenue.

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Ana Calvo, MSW
VAST Department/Occupational Life Skills HCC-Central, 1301 Alabama, 101G, Houston, TX 77004

I wanted to say that I visited Marbridge yesterday (1/23/2017) and spoke with Barbara Bush–easy name for Texans to remember. I didn’t take a full tour, just inquired about financing for someone to live at Marbridge. It now comes to about $3650 month and HCS doesn’t pay for it. Marbridge is a cheaper option than Brookwood, which is $5,000 month.

The reality is that private facilities (congregate homes) are beyond the means of most families, which cannot accumulate enough wealth to place their adult child in a campus assisted-living setting for the rest of his adult life.

While I did not take a tour, I drive around. The campus was nice and well-maintained.( I also had the opportunity to eavesdrop on a staff meeting.) This is a good place. Employment opportunities, classes, excursions and activities keep life structured and everyone busy. 

Marbridge is a private residential facility for adults, ages 18 and older with cognitive disabilities. We have residents from all over the United States. Our campus is 170 acres comprising of three interlocked communities.

The lowest level of independence is the skilled nursing level, the Villa. This is 24-hr a day nursing care. The Villa accepts major insurances, Medicare, and Medicaid as payment.  Residents at the Villa need high levels of assistance in their daily living activities, (showering, dressing, toileting, feeding, etc.).

The next level of independence is our assisted living community, the Ranch. Residents at the Ranch require 24 hour supervision, but are independent in most daily activities; can toilet, shower, and dress themselves, but may not be able to do laundry or cook. Residents in this campus have a daily schedule that centers around a training and education program customized to their abilities and goals.  Their living arrangements are configured in a dormitory-style setting in which two residents share a room and a bathroom. There is a common rec room and a common eating area.

The highest level of independent living is that experienced by the residents of the Village. The Village consists of 15 cottages. Each cottage contains 3, two-bedroom suites. Six residents reside in each cottage. The residents here have a schedule as well, but their schedules revolve around their employment schedules with training classes scattered in.

Both the assisted living level and the independent living levels are private pay. If a resident receives a monthly benefit income from social security, disability or veteran benefits, those funds may be applied directly to the monthly tuition, and the family will be responsible for the remaining balance.

The monthly tuition for the Ranch is $3040/month, and the tuition for the Village is $3,095/month. Tuition covers room and board, all training and education classes, an individual program plan, 24-hour supervision, and basic nursing care.

We have two full-time employment coordinators on staff here that assist the residents in finding appropriate job opportunities, and making sure that they get job skills training. Our training and education program runs three semesters a year, with two to three week breaks in between for home visits or travel. The minimum stay for a Marbridge resident is four years, which is usually a good time frame in which to see achievement of goals.

Many families utilize Marbridge as a four year college like experience for their loved one.  Nobody on the Marbridge campus drives, although several residents have licenses. We provide transportation to the resident’s work, town trips, special activities, and medical appointments.
Marbridge also offers a Summer camp. Summer camp is a great way for potential residents to get a taste of Marbridge life.

We offered eight, one-week camp sessions this summer (2014) to choose from.   I hope this was helpful, please feel free to contact me with any other questions you might have. We can provide you with a campus tour Monday through Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM.

Best Regards,


512-282-1144 X1200

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2310 Bliss Spillar Rd., Manchaca, Texas 78652

The STRIVE program at Avvin Community College offers a 2 year college experience and vocational training for adults with intellectual disabilities. These individuals will work on resume building skills, interviewing skills, life skills for independence and involvement in local community, and vocational training in (but not limited to) basic health care, basic animal care, and horticulture with the end goal of obtaining a job.  Upon completing the program, graduates will receive a certificate of completion.  Limited seats available. Total Tuition (as of 2014) is $9480
For more information contact Rhonda Boone at 281.756.3805 or email where to buy finasteride from.

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Rhonda Boone
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how to buy finasteride