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Camp CAMP (CenterPoint, TX)

Camp CAMP’s summer camp program is a series of six-day, five-night sessions for children and adults, aged 5 to 50 years, with a variety of special needs and their siblings. Currently, Camp CAMP offers 2 one week sessions for kids (5-21) with autism out of the 9 Summer Camp sessions held.

The Summer Camp sessions are held at Camp CAMP in Center Point, Texas. Camp CAMP has 55 acres and includes activities like canoeing on the Guadalupe River, horseback, Aquatic Center, music, sports & recreation, arts & crafts, and outdoor cooking. CAMP modifies traditional summer camp activities to include everyone, regardless of the severity of the CAMPer’s physical or developmental needs. Each CAMPer is assigned to a Tribe based on gender and age with a CAMPer:counselor ratio of 1:1 to 4:1, depending on the need of the CAMPer. 

Each of the 9 Summer Camp sessions has varied age requirements and diagnosis guidelines; additional information is available on the buy finasteride france. Sessions are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. The Summer Camp application becomes available in February.

buy finasteride from uk
(830) 634-2267
515 Skyline Drive, Center Point, Texas 78010
buy finasteride from boots


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