Art Classes for Autistic Kids (“Artism”) at the Urban Easel

Art Classes for Autistic Kids (“Artism”) at the Urban Easel
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Art Classes for Autistic Kids (“Artism”) at the Urban Easel
Rachel Cox is an experienced instructor and great artist with a calm and nurturing personality. She has a way of stepping in and assisting / prompting without being overbearing or letting your autistic child “go passive.” She is really excellent. If you are looking to see if you can bring out artistic abilities in your child, this is a fantastic resource. Nice gallery too.

Does your child like to draw or paint?

Art lessons taught by artist Rachel Cox at The Urban Easel will appeal to ages 8-14 across all cognitive levels and abilities.

In these specialized classes, emphasis will be placed on helping your child find a way to express his thoughts and feelings through art in a manner most suited to him. Participants can benefit from texture painting and mixed media, sponges and other tactile objects, and from the use of paintbrushes. Before your child’s first lesson, you will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire in order to help us get to know your child better.

There are many benefits of art lessons for those with autism. Art lessons increase opportunities for self-expression and develop a sense of pride and accomplishment. Some with autism have developed a life-long interest and talent for art after having art lessons.

Siblings without autism are also welcome to participate and advance their skills and knowledge in art.

Students are also welcome to show up for a single session to give it a try to see if they might benefit. For more information, contact:

(832) 880-6899
Rachel Cox
527 El Dorado Blvd, Webster, TX 77598
  • Art Classes for Autistic Kids (“Artism”) at the Urban Easel


Rachel is a fantastic instructor, very patient and talented. I was impressed by how well she worked with Christopher, prompting him along when he was inclined at times to “go passive” and let her take control. She was good at baby-stepping him along to complete a painting he was happy with. Works very well with special needs children.

Emily Tuck | June 2, 2015

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