Lobo Gymnastics and Active Learning Center Clear Lake

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We strive to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment designed to guide children to discover new information, skills and concepts. Our child development curriculum offers the best social, emotional, physical, academic and cognitive experiences for children. We provide a variety of early childhood educational experiences that encourage a positive self-image and a joy in the learning process. We respect each child as an individual who possesses a unique personality, intelligence and creativity. Our enthusiastic and dedicated teachers establish childcare environments that are clean, fun, creative and child-centered and provide children with purposeful direction, positive reinforcement and guidance as they work towards becoming more independent. Learning through play is critical for this stage of learning.

Additionally, we have diligently created an “active” program that encourages an active, healthy and happy lifestyle at a young age which is a gift that lasts a lifetime. Children are introduced to a variety of age appropriate activities and sports with the goal that they learn new skills and gain confidence that will carry over into future endeavors. They will run, jump, tumble, climb, leap and dance in our 28,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facilities. Good physical health is a critical component of brain development as well. The daily schedule provides a consistent structure to the day; allowing for routines and rituals. However, it permits the flexibility and openness to follow children’s interests and address their needs. Our curriculum encourages and supports a balance of free choice and teacher guided activities and allows time for small and large group activities. Math, technology, science, and art components are strongly emphasized and are incorporated throughout the entire day though play based learning activities.

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2424 Falcon Pass, Houston, TX 77062


Both my kids attended Lobo after school for about a year and a half. It is nice and spacious, with a kid-sized basketball court and gym which scooters, balls, hula hoops, rock climbing wall, parachute, a few computers, a karaoke stage, legos, and a Zumba room. Next door to that is another gym for gymnastics, with balance beams, parallel bars and trampolines, though these are mainly reserved for their competitive gymnastics program. Next door to that is an outdoor play area with climbing structures. And next door to that is a Stone’s gym with a swimming pool where the kids can go to swim on occasion (summer). We put our son into Lobo after taking him out of KinderCare, since he was literally climbing the walls there. We thought he’d enjoy the rock climbing wall at Lobo. At Lobo he enjoyed the plasma cars (scooters) and earth balls and many other aspects of the place. However, there was not enough supervision, and we learned (through his brother) that other children were making fun and harassing him (bumping his car, kicking him, making fun of his speech), leading to frequent meltdowns. Also, on full days when school was closed, Christopher’s lunch would return home uneaten/unpacked. The place is fantastic and very reasonably priced, and open until 6:30. There isn’t enough staff for autistic children as kids are allowed to run around and do their own thing, and they will pick on an autistic child.

Emily Tuck | December 10, 2014

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