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Distinct Abilities Academic Preschool

Distinct Abilities is an academic preschool in Houston that caters to both non special needs and special needs children and is inspired by the Montessori philosophy. It is also a daycare provider for after school children in a learning environment. It is 1.3 miles from North Point Elementary and 1 mile from Ward Elementary located in a Lutheran church. They also have an inclusive summer day camp with field trips to area attractions.

buy finasteride from boots
Valerie Binkley
14045 Space Center Blvd, Houston, TX 77062
where to buy finasteride from


My 6 year old son with autism has attended Distinct Abilities over the last two summers. Although he is higher functioning, other daycares he has attended in the past were not so accepting of him and I would hear how “bad” he was when I picked him up each day. Since he has been at Distinct Abilities, I have never once heard anything negative about him and Valerie (the Director) and her staff have always been so kind and accepting of him. It certainly makes life a little bit easier and less stressful when you feel confident that your child is receiving quality care and is accepted regardless of their disability. I wish there more daycares around like this one.

Anonymous | March 20, 2015

My son seems to be happy and doing well there. Distinct Abilities has been a blessing for us, at 9, Christopher was beginning to have trouble with teasing and meanness by older children at group child cares which do not have the staff to supervise kids with special needs (even if your child doesn’t need one-on-one, by 9 additional supervision is needed to keep other kids from picking on kids who are intellectually disabled). DA even got him to eat raw carrots for a snack, so what can I say?

Emily Tuck | October 8, 2014
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